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Electric Power Scooters For Sale Online

Are you a person that needs something that can get you from point 'A' to point 'B' in a timely manner? Are you also someone that has problems with mobility and needs an easy and yet mobile aid to get you around inside or outside the house? Well if either of these are true, we have the technological solution that will make a huge difference in your life! If you don't know already or haven't seen anyone with these yet, you'll be completely blown away with the power that these beneficial moving units have. They are called electric power scooters and they are one of the most sought-after mobile items of the new century. Plus, they're not even that expensive anymore.

The designs, models, abilities, clever gadgets and gizmos, that are related to electric power scooters for scootersale online, have only grown better with technological advancements. For instance, we have a Go-Go Elite Traveller that can seriously move around in tight spaces. It can handle tight corners and small hallways like it's nothing. If you need to go outside and do some gardening and/or move some items, these advantageous power scooters are like little, miniaturized mobile 4x4 vehicles. Please feel free to browse our informative site and look at the other scooters we have for sale!

Top 5 Power Mobility Scooters in California from Wishing U Well Medical

Hello friends, family, and shoppers alike! At wuwmed we wanted to showcase some of our top recommended power mobility scooters that have been most helpful to some of our recent guests and clients. we want to start off with our Blue Dart 3 Wheel Compact Scooter. This scooter is ready to go for any size car and is compact and easy to fold up to fit within a mini van or back seat of a small 4 seater.

Our second recommendation in our power scooters category is our Go-Go Elite Traveller 3. This is a lightweight scooter that will fit the needs of all shoppers. Indeed one of our best sellers. This scooter is at a very respectable price point and will get you from a to b without any problems. We recommend this to anyone making a first scooter purchase. With a long life and wonderful turning radius you will be mobily efficient immediately!

Third our Burgundy Pilot 3-Wheel Power Scooter is a very durable and well made power scooter that has all of your bells and whistles, including mirrors allowing better rear vision. This scooter is is designed for indoor and outdoor use, sporting a 22 mile max range while maintaining a nimble turning radius with a max speed of 6mph.

Fourth our, Burgundy Pilot 4-Wheel Power Scooter is a wonderful choice. This power mobility scooter includes a luxurious reclining captain seat with contoured cushions and backs provides you with maximum comfort. Almost everything on this scooter is adjustable - The seat is height and depth adjustable, the padded flip-up armrests are removable and height/width adjustable, and the tiller angle adjusts so you can sit back relaxed in whatever position you feel comfortable while traveling on your Pilot 4-Wheel Power Scooter.

Lastly, our Spitfire EX Travel 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is our favorite power mobility scooter overall. This scooter breaks down into 5 pieces, has 3 color panels for you to pick, (red, blue, silver), mark free tires, and a folding down seat! Not to mention it only costs $879.00 (You save $1,050.20).

If you need power mobilty scooters we are your #1 choice! We have internet pricing with local service. Call us now at (888)266-1321 for immediate help. Our heart warming staff is ready to answer any of your questions and to place your orders. Rember white glove delivery until the new years for the greater LA area. And free delivery all year!

Masterfully Made Electric Power Scooters For Sale Online

We know just how delicate a body can get with age. And if you are a person that needs a power scooter to get around, then you have come to the right place. We have a Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter that's made by Drive Medical. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and is lightweight and incredibly easy to operate. It has a 32.2" turning radius, with a top speed of 4 mph and a cruising range of 7.5 miles. It comes in a convenient and compact 4 piece design. This electric power scooter for sale online allows for easy tool-free assembly and disassembly. They are comfortable, height adjustable, and the seat comes with flip back adjustable arms. These anti-tipples are there to ensure users are comfortable and safe. There is a large carry basket that provides a safe storage space for personal items. The tiller folds down for easy storage, which makes for better convenience. If you're looking for added product protection, you can purchase the additional warranty coverage by adding Drive Medical's Piece of Mind protection to your scooter!

It's our mission to provide you with a one-stop shop to get all of your affordable home care supply needs. We


have a wide range of medical products we offer! This includes rehab supplies, commodes, respiratory care and electrotherapy. We serve Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, and offer rentals within a 30 mile radius. This is just in case you only temporarily need the equipment or just want to try it out before you buy. We have a large selection of equipment available for rent! These include mobility walkers, hospital beds and portable oxygen tanks. We help you get up and stay up with expertise in mobility, which is our sole purpose in this life.

We stand behind our products and only offer the best solutions at an affordable rates. Our specialists are highly skilled in assessing your particular needs. This is done to give you the comfort, safety and independence you desire. Your personal care is important to us, and that's why we offer in-home assessments for your assistance needs, free of charge. Our intelligent staff comes well-trained and can assist you through the entire process!

Knee Walkers for Sale from Wuwmed

Knee Walkers

Knee Walkers are the latest innovation into the mobility assistive device market.

The Knee walker's design is perfect for those who've had a traumatic injury (like a fracture or severe sprain) or surgery to one foot or ankle.

The Knee Walker is ideal for situations where the patient is required to avoid bearing any weight on the injured foot or ankle. Knee Walkers are best used in similar circumstances to those where the desired outcome is the same as with using a crutch.

Many patient have found it difficult using crutches and the people who've tried the knee walkers have found it to be a very simple and comfortable device to use and has been growing in popularity.

The Knee Walkers are made by multiple manufacturers with multiple variations in design. Units are available with or without brakes, steerable or non-steerable, adjustable height knee pad or with a fixed knee height. These features add to the range in cost where a basic unit retails at about $169.99 and a deluxe version is two to three times that of a basic unit.

However, since the need of these devices is in most cases much shorter than that of a traditional walker with the cost far exceeding a traditional walker, it has made the Knee Walker an ideal rental option for weekly or monthly rentals.

For availability you can use our rental section www.wuwmed.com or call us Toll Free (888)266-1321

If you need to rent a hospital bed and live within the Granada Hills, or Los Angeles area Wishing U Well Medical is here to help!


You can check our rentals page to get 24/7 support in your time of need. We have a large assortment of Hospital Beds and other items that are avabilable for rent! Wishing U Well Medical, Inc. offers local rentals for manual wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, pressure mattresses and walkers. For information on rates and reservations, please contact our team directly at: 24 Hour Hotline (888)266-1321

Hospital Beds For Sale - Free Shipping!

We have free shipping on any of our Hospital Beds. If you need a classic Manual Hospital Bed, or an Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed our selections can meet your needs. Any order that you place for your hospital bed will include free shipping! If you have questions about the purchase of your bed, matress, or support rails feel free to reach out to our friendly team @ (888)266-1321.

If you live in the Granada Hills Area come talk to us about rentals! http://www.wuwmed.com/rentals/

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Manual Wheelchair for sale

At Wuwmed we have a huge selection of Manual Wheelchair for sale. Check our our Wheelchairs now! We have worry free shipping for products & free returns for 30 days. If you have any questions about your wheel chair purchase please feel free to call us @ (888)266-1321

We are wishing you well during your recovery! Let us know if there is anything we can assist you with!

Hospital Beds For Sale

Check out our extensive selection of Hospital Beds. We specialize in Drive Medical products as of today and have many more coming soon! Feel free to call us with any questions about our beds. Our team is available to help you with any questions during the process of buying your Hospital Bed Online.

Call Us Now - (888)266-1321

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