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Standard style walkers had been around a long time without too many improvements. Sure there were the typical modernizations like going from wooden frames to lightweight aluminum frames. Advancements like the ability to fold made them more easily transportable. However, in the mid to late 80's, walkers were revolutionized. They evolved into what’s now known as a Rollator Walker. Rollator Walkers were known as the Rolls Royce’s of walkers. They come with bigger wheels than the standard walkers, making it easier to traverse the rough city streets. Today they come in many bright colorful designs. If you get tired, they have plastic or padded seats. The 4 wheel design has a locking brake system to keep them from rolling away. They usually have some sort of storage space, like a basket up front or under the seat.

All walkers had the ability to adjust to the user’s height for comfortable safe walking but today Rollators have got more futuristic with adjustable seat heights making sitting down safer and more comfortable as well.

There are now many variations of this style to conform to the many different medical conditions. For instance, there is a Rollator that has a push down brake system for someone who has limited hand strength and can't squeeze the handles to lock the brakes. On the other hand (no pun intended) there is a reverse braking system for people who have the hand strength but limited control. The reverse brake is always locked; the user must squeeze the brake in order to release the wheels. When the user's hand lets go of the brakes or loses the grip, the brake engages automatically preventing falls.

For a user who may have a companion or caregiver, there is also a Rollator that converts from a walker into a transport wheelchair. The user can walk until they are too tired to continue, they would then sit down and the companion or caregiver could safely push them until they are home or have rested enough to continue walking.

Most insurance companies didn't cover Rollators, some didn't even allow you to pay an upgrade cost but today most insurance companies have loosened those rules which have made today’s Rollators much more affordable.

Medline Rollator Walker Demonstration:

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